Friday, January 14, 2005

"The Fact-Checker in My Head" b/w "Precipitation Compilation" (7" mono mix)

Woke from a dream in which I was at a wedding in Florida . . . friends from childhood . . . mysterious women . . . for some reason I was walking on water. No one seemed too excited.

Before I opened my eyes, I heard the rain falling and the hiss of car tires on the wet road outside. I was wrapped up like a mummy.

I got up and poured some coffee and walked slowly to the computer, with this lyric running through my head:

"Rain is bound to fall/It's April after all"

(from Ron Sexsmith's "April After All").

Then I said to myself: But it's not April!

When it rains and I'm out and about, I play the "Rain" mix I made on my iPod. Aside from the aforementioned Sexsmith song, the precipitation compilation includes:
"A Foggy Day," Frank Sinatra
"Buckets of Rain," Bob Dylan
"Downpour," The Figments
"Fixing a Hole," The Beatles
"Hello Rain," The Softies
"I See the Rain," The Marmalades ("Stay indoors/while it pours/till tomorrow...")
"It's Raining Today," Scott Walker
"Prayers for Rain," The Cure
"Rain," The Beatles
"Rain" (7" mono mix), The Beatles
"Shelter From the Storm," Bob Dylan
"To Turn You On," Roxy Music ("Is it raining in New York...?")

There was a time last year when it rained so much that I began to get slightly sick of the playlist—so I added songs that were about the sea, water in general. Titles in this category include the Velvets' "Ocean," Joao Gilberto's "Waters of March" (but it's not March!), The Thrills "'Til the Tide Creeps In," and The Byrds' "You Don't Miss Your Water."


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