Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"Dirty Dream #2 (Slight Return)" b/w "Under the Sign of Sontag (8)"

Two dreams I came across in my notes (please note, there is a parental advisory issued for dream #1):

1. 9/19/04: A modernist cube of a prep-school library, chocolate-colored brick more than glass. Near a commissary, a somewhat elderly attendant was intoning some sort of greeting/advisory that sounded more like a Sphinxian riddle, and was (also) in fact a passage from *Macbeth*, for which it was possible he was rehearsing. I passed by this part of the building several times. The books I was drawn to were shelved in the corner, at the top of a rather family-home-style set of stairs. The information on the shelves was tantalizing, if somehow inaccurate, promising (e.g.) books by/on Russell Hoban, Edgar Rice Burroughs; those books seemed to be somewhere else, an instance of inventory outpacing signage. The books before me seemed to keep changing. I was thrilled (moreso than I might be in real life) however to see mass-market paperback thrillers, some of which might have been real. I believe there were some James Bond books (written post–Ian Fleming). I repaired to the lavatory to urinate several times (hence hearing the lines “from” Macbeth) before my body, taking the hint, awoke.

Dream of 10/23-4, 2004: I gave an impromptu talk for some houseguests, whose number included Susan Sontag. It seemed to go on for hours—the talk, the dream—and I was utterly charming.


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