Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Under the Sign of Sontag (1-3)

"The notebook is the perfect literary form for an eternal student, someone who has no subject or, rather, whose subject is 'everything.' It allows entries of all length and shapes and degrees of impatience and roughness, but its ideal entry is the aphorism. Most of Canetti's entries take up the aphorist's traditional themes: the hypocrisies of society, the vanity of human wishes, the sham of love, the ironies of death, the pleasure and necessity of solitude, and the intricacies of one's own thought processes." —Susan Sontag, on Elias Canetti

For "notebook," read "blog."

Irresponsible but unshakable thought: Sontag's death comes in the wake of the disastrous tsunami.


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