Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Turtles and newts

OK—fine! Five more books for you five-book-at-a-time readers!

1. Turtle Diary, Russell Hoban
2. Rendezvous in Black, Cornell Woolrich
3. War With the Newts, Karel Capek
4. A High Wind in Jamaica, Richard Hughes
5. When the Sacred Ginmill Closes, Lawrence Block

Here's a passage from Hoban's TURTLE DIARY—one of several I wrote out in the Black Notebook (about which, more later):

"The sandpipers, the curlews and the redshanks, all pure Bewick, seemed to draw serenity from the sheer detail of their markings. A puff was bathing with its ruff spread out as large as possible. It looked of the film world and as if it might call everyone 'Darling.'"


Blogger doctornox said...

Dear "Ed,"

Another dream where the devil cracks the top off my skull and uses me for a ballpoint pen.

12:12 PM  

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