Thursday, February 28, 2008

Table-talk of Parkus Grammaticus for February 28

I. The inimitable David Cairns has a fever dream double feature for you (those four words go together so well, no?).

II. What items are beyond repair?

III. Spinster Aunt likes The Other Boleyn Girl.

IV. At the Personal Days blog, news of an office-related print for sale (via Jen).

V. At the PF site, Dizzyhead Alex (FC: Is he a "Dizzyhead"?) writes about Hillary Clinton's relationship to poetry:
After recounting the wrongs done to Clinton and enumerating some of her considerable qualities and credentials (she has “been there and done that”), Angelou solemnly declares, “She means to rise.” Then, she offers an unlikely exhortation, considering the subject of her praise:
Rise, Hillary.


VI. Is this site pro-Obama? Anti-? Neither?


Blogger rebecca for moderns said...

So, re: Mike's Obama blog. What's so super interesting about it is that it only raises the question of positive/negative or support/undermine(?). Demands that you ask 'which is it?' And refuses to answer -- no text, no titles, and twice-taken pictures without context, without authorship, without a chronology other than the blog's own. It's unsettling and surprising amongst sides-only options.

9:05 AM  

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