Thursday, November 29, 2007


(Time codes unavailable, because I watched it on DVR.)

--:-- I wholeheartedly agree with this statement: "There is nothing wrong with eating Chinese food on Thanksgiving." (emphasis mine) (Source: Lily van der Woodsen)

--:-- I wonder what Blair Waldorf's Chinese sidekick is eating for Thanksgiving.

--:-- (For Thanksgiving this year, I ate a turkey roasted Peking Duck-style.)

--:-- It would be entertaining if America's Next Top Models ran into the cast of Survivor: China during their "Shanghai adventure," and then Richard Gere barged in and un-yoked them all.

--:-- It would have been entertaining if Richard Gere of I'm Not There had pulled back a branch, only to see Richard Gere of Days of Heaven peering soulfully back at him.

--:-- Chinatown Brasserie on Lafayette: where the food is as bad as the decor is authentic. Note the globular ceiling-mounted, Tiananmen-style surveillance camera--like the one that opens Gere's Red Corner.

--:-- All things considered, though, Gere wasn't terrible in I'm Not There.

--:-- But Christian Bale--was he going for Dylan or W. Bush with that ridiculous accent? Sidebar: It would have been entertaining if the journalist looking for the Bale of I'm Not There had been the plucky bloodhound Christian Bale of Velvet Goldmine.

--:-- Favorite line from a book I read this year: "Don't be ridick!" From G.V. Desani's recently reprinted strobelight of a novel All About H. Hatterr.

--:-- (Wait, what the hay? Christian Bale is British? This changes everything.)

--:-- I thought the Humphreys (or is the plural form Humphries?) lived in Williamsburg. Why are they playing football in DUMBO?

--:-- That Boredoms show in DUMBO was one of the best things ever. And now they're playing touch football there. As if it never happened.

--:-- I can't believe that somewhere on Lily van der Woodsen's C.V. of Life lies the line "once spent eight hours on the Ohio turnpike with Jane's Addiction."

--:-- I need to finish that dissertation.


Blogger d. rodriguez said...

Yep. Like wing wizard Ryan Giggs, White Horse Tavern wizard Dylan Thomas, and just plain wizard-like (or do I want to say bewitching? Yeah, probably that.) Catherine Zeta-Jones, Christian Bale is Welsh.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

OK, now keep that Bale-as-Dubya thought in mind and re-view BATMAN RETURNS!

6:19 PM  
Blogger hua said...

"Don Rodriguez from the Bronx? Don Rodriguez?"
"I don't know who you're talking about."
"I think you do know him cause your fuckin friend Don is down at one-twenty precinct right now singing his fuckin ass like a fuckin bird."

7:29 PM  
Blogger Devin McKinney said...

Re "Don't be ridick!," note this scene from The Lost Weekend (1945), screenplay by Charles Brackett, starring Ray Milland as Don and Doris Dowling as Gloria:

Two strangers meet in a bar.

GLORIA: You're awfully pretty, Mr. Birnam.
DON: I bet you tell that to all the boys.
GLORIA: Why, natch. Only with you it's on the level.
DON: Yeah. Sit down.
GLORIA: No thanks. Thanks a lot, but no thanks. There's somebody waiting.
DON: Him? I bet he wears arch supporters.
GLORIA: Oh. He's just an old friend of the folks. Lovely gentleman. He buys me dimpled Scotch.
DON: He should buy you Indian rubies, and a villa in Calcutta overlooking the Ganges.
GLORIA: Don't be ridic.
DON: Gloria, please, why imperil our friendship with these loathsome abbreviations.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Jordan said...

William Haines to Marion Davies in King Vidor's Show People (1928): "Don't be a sil, you're a wow."

9:13 AM  

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