Wednesday, November 28, 2007

U & I for the third time

Dizzyhead Jason—our Canadian correspondent!—asks: What's the best thing you've read all year? It's like j'aime/pas without the pesky pas!

Any takers? E-mail: thedizzies at gmail dot com.

Jason's list: "I think it was probably Ooga Booga but also...Michael Tolkin’s Return of the Player (which I found weirdly delightful) and U & I (for the third time). And the latest Derek McCormack, of course, The Show that Smells—coming to a bookstore near you in fall ‘08..."

(Derek is Jason's this rave of The Haunted Hillbilly!)

* * *

Can't get enough of Dizzies Team Member Matt? Listen to his commentary for the new DVD of Gymkata.

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