Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Reading — reviewing — powering up

Just a reminder that I'll be reading tonight at Tompkins Square Park (no relation), with Lore Segal and Lynne Tillman. More info here and here. It's for BOMB again.

I'm planning to read another bit of The Dizzies, but the day's still young—maybe I'll read something else?

* * *

My review of Taylor Antrim's debut novel, The Headmaster Ritual, is up today at Salon.

Speaking of reviews, "The Crisis in American Book Reviewing," a panel at this year's BEA, featured Believer Heidi. You can listen to it here.

* * *

From audio to video—Dizzyhead Brent sends us "Scenes From an Idiot's Marriage":

* * *

Gotta go address Powerful Goodness now—see you tonight?!

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