Monday, July 30, 2007

Symphony space — The books of Three

Remember Paul Collins's great Believer piece on Don Miff? Paul writes:

It is difficult to get very far into Don Miff without suddenly holding the book very gingerly, examining the binding for radioactive scorch marks or other signs of time travel, and then finally exclaiming—“What the hell is this?”

A Believer reader has pointed out that this hard-to-find oddity is now available for free download at the Internet Archive.

* * *

Yesterday I wrote up (but didn't post) a note about Three Percent, the nifty new blog that's part of Open Letter, a publishing venture with a focus on international lit (run by friend and former Dalkey Archivist Chad over at the University of Rochester). As I was copying the URL in order to post a moment ago, I noticed that today's 3P takes the PTSNBN to task!

Anyway! It's all coincidence! I'm just going to add the site to the links margin! That's all for now!

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