Monday, August 20, 2007

Post #1,000!


1. Bouncing off yesterday's post—I recently had the pleasure of reading some of John Sladek's science fiction parodies (of Hugo Gernsback, PKD, and J.G. Ballard). Hilarious! His PKD parody is entitled "Solar Shoe-Salesman," and features (in its few pages) all manner of Dickian inventions/tics, such as books within books ("Androgynoid, written under the pseudonym 'H.K. (Kid) Cliplip'") and a book constructed using sayings derived from Mah Jongg ("The wise king avoids fried foods")—The Man in the High Castle famously grew out of throws of the I Ching.

2. Arlo recently played Kan-Jam. The Wiki entry includes this term:
Jankowski: A Jankowski is any action or article that the player uses for good luck, such as always flipping the disc before throwing it.

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