Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hump-day Ouroboros

Becky writes:

I thought of you the other day, when, in my presentation on Jean-Luc Nancy's Corpus, I used an ouroboros to illustrate the below claim of Nancy's:

"As the all-signifying of a sense whose sense is body-building, the body is the end of the signifier as well, the absolute crasis of the sign, the pure sense of pure sense, hoc est enim corpus meum, with the hoc designating here a total absence of exteriority, a non-extension concentrated in itself, not something impenetrable, but rather its excess, the impenetrable mixed with the impenetrable, infinite intussusception, the proper devouring itself, all the way to the void at its center."


Now stare at this Ouroboros, via L.G. Thos.:


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