Wednesday, December 07, 2011

"First Time in Print"

Heidi Julavits has a Tumblr...and things may never be the same again!

Her upcoming novel The Vanishers is ridiculously fun...

...there's a line I'm trying to find from it, describing a wall "varicosed" by ivy.



I just finished Pope Hats #2, a comic book by Ethan Rilly. Lovely and surprising. The "B" story, "Gould Speaks," has Julius Knipl-ish observations set to Huizenga-ish graphics, as the titular narrator takes a long bus trip:

See how all the
windows are now smudged by
human hair.

These nodding mops
slowly paint a mural
of long distance travel.

Every panel is unique.

Ed. note: "Huizenga-ish"?

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