Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kill Bill

Paris Review: Egan’s story of how she wrote Goon Squad has been repeated on many occasions—she was frustrated with writing the novel she was supposed to and so she began to write interlocking stories about a handful of characters—but she admitted that evening that she owes a great debt to Quentin Tarantino for the way Goon Squad plays with chronology and narrative. “I had to completely let go of any kind of linear chronology,” Egan told us before playing the movie. “But it was interesting how hard that was to do. There was something in me that didn’t want to do it, even though I knew that the most fun of the book, even as I was working on it, was not going forward.”

Ed writes: The other day I was thinking about The Sound and the Fury, its radical, complex, time-bending structure. Then I seemed to recall that Quentin Tarantino was named after S&F's Quentin Compson. Is that true? Has QT ever talked about Faulkner as an influence? (I know he's acknowledged a debt to Salinger's Glass stories.)


The headline to this post doesn't really make sense, but it sort of does if you don't think about it.

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Blogger Damion said...


"Tarantino's mother Connie explains how she named her son: 'I wanted a more formal name than Quint [the name of a character in TV series Gunsmoke], and then I was reading a Faulkner book, The Sound and the Fury. The heroine's name was Quentin, so I decided that my child was going to be named Quentin whether it was a male or female.' The Sound and the Fury has two characters named Quentin, Quentin Compson the Third and his niece Miss Quentin Compson. It is curious that Connie named her own son after Quentin the Third and Miss Quentin, who both suffer cruel fates, though Tarantino was brought up in circumstances that were quite similar to Miss Quentin's. Both Tarantino's and Miss Quentin's mothers, beautiful Southern women, married in their teens and divorced their husbands soon after they became pregnant. Neither Tarantino nor Miss Quentin met their natural fathers."


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Blogger Ed Park said...

Amazing! Now, I wonder if QT has ever talked about Faulkner as inspiration/influence...?

Wouldn't it be great if he did a Faulkner movie project?

Or else he could film MISS MACINTOSH, MY DARLING...

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