Thursday, January 13, 2011

All the way to the bank!

(Via Ta-Nehisi)


I wasn't much of a wargamer, but I did enjoy Ogre! Grognardia remembers:

...It was fun to watch too and everyone had their own opinions regarding the "best" tactics to use. I think that's what made the game so much fun: there was no sure-fire way to win, but that didn't stop everyone I've ever known declaring that they'd figured out the "secret" to Ogre. For example, I know several gamers who claim that there's no way the ogre player can win, while several others claim just the opposite. I'm no great tactician myself, so I can't say with certainty whose claims are right and whose are wrong. I can only say that Ogre is one of those rare games that really is different every time you play it, depending on the scenario and the person against whom you play.


The almighty Lev Grossman on how D&D influenced him:

What else? We were always drawn to the weird, fringe stuff like Barrier Peaks and Queen of the Demonweb Pits, and the more arcane weapons. I have spent literally hours of my life just contemplating the meaning of the Bohemian Ear-Spoon.


Speaking of D&D, I just read Joe Daly's Dungeon Quest (Book One)—weirdly exhilarating and very funny...


...annnnnd speaking of D&D: Jenny D reads my Dungeon Master's Guide essay in Bound to Last—and reminisces about those "Wordly Wise" books!

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