Monday, October 11, 2010

From Lawrence Block's newsletter

Lawrence Block

3. Speaking of backlist, and of old books I’d like to see reissued, there’s one I can’t find. I wrote a plaintive essay about it, and the good people at Little, Brown posted it on their new Mulholland Books website. I thought someone might recognize it, but so far nobody has. My guess at this point is that Lancer never got around to publishing it, and it’s as lost to world literature as all those wonderful lines Coleridge would have added to “Kublai Khan” if that wretched man from Porlock hadn’t turned up on his doorstep.

On second thought, I’m not sure Sinner Man belongs in the same newsletter with Samuel Taylor C., let alone the same paragraph. But if you recognize the book, please get in touch, lest my first crime novel forever blush unseen and waste its flagrance on the desert air.



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