Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm not sure what my point is™

In fact, [Maggie] Cheung did take on at least one other acting project since her Cannes award: She played a role in Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorious Basterds." Again, she said she took it because it involved a two-day commitment.

Cheung was the theater owner who left a movie house to the young Jewish girl who survived a Nazi massacre of her family, and fled to Paris. But the sequence wound up on the cutting room floor.

"That whole chunk he took out, because it wasn't necessary to the story," she said. "It was a pleasure, the two days. And I'm not sorry I'm cut out. Probably I'm not very good, either." —AP

I did another interesting movie, but you can't see me in it. I worked on a Woody Allen movie, Stardust Memories. I worked on it for three weeks, but ended up on the cutting room floor. Still, it was very interesting to work for Mr. Allen.
—Joanna Pang (The Secrets of Isis)

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