Thursday, June 17, 2010

When worlds collide (Part CXVII)

Molly Young on Sloane Crosley!

And what a pleasure it is to wander with her. An astute observer of bloopers and loopholes, Crosley reflects, in her first essay, on the differences between American and Portuguese utilities: “All of our public structures are self-explanatory. When you press the PH button, you’re going to the penthouse. Not the stairs that lead to the lookout above the penthouse. Our basements are conveniently located at the base. No cellars that lead tosubfloors that lead to catacombs of ruins. The Goonies was just that one time, and it was a movie.”

I need to read this!

Also this.

* * *

Fantasy Games Unlimited offers a free "action map location" called "Second Hand Bookstore" (for the Villains & Vigilantes superhero RPG).

* * *

The Year of Pretending I'm Already 40, Part 2.

(And how sweet is the mysterious McNally Jackson twitterer?)

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