Friday, April 30, 2010

Not me. Not me.

Each spring, when the Ferris wheel makes its annual appearance and Buggy is in full effect, Ed Park and his fellow men’s soccer alums take some time to reconnect on the campus where they spent four of the best years of their lives. For Park and other former players, the annual men’s soccer alumni game is one of the most memorable days of the year....

Park relished every moment of his days as a student-athlete at Carnegie Mellon. With a degree in chemical engineering, Park has found that he has had tremendous professional opportunities because of his undergraduate experience. *

* * *

In the year 2128, a scientist schemes to re-engineer humanity and escape his own impending death. Can his son stop his father’s quest to recreate man in His own image. Art imitates life in Dr. Ed Park’s newly released Maximum Lifespan. In this fast-paced graphic novel, people live over 160 years due to the invention of a substance that activates telomerase. *



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