Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I have no idea what I'm talking about

Before the Tiger Woods scandal broke, I had been pondering this nomen et omen: Some golf-club company should market a set of "Tiger Woods"!

There would be a commercial in which Tiger Woods just said his name a few times, a who's-on-firsty thing ("What sorta clubs ya usin'?" "Tiger Woods." "Aw c'mon Tiger, you can tell us..." "Tiger Woods." "Now really...").

Finally the message is understood. Then we see an oldish Brit stroll onto the links.

"Who's that guy?" one of the aforementioned questioners asks.

Close-up of swing—cut to face, grinning.

It's Jeremy Irons!


* * *

Another idea: Shut down this blog, and redirect everyone to MAGIC MOLLY.



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