Thursday, October 15, 2009

Web developments

I. Levi not only supplements his bookish meditations on I've Been Reading Lately with a Twitter feed (mostly devoted to quotes—his "on-the-go commonplace book")...but he now has a welcome "Notes to I've Been Reading Lately."

II. Speaking of Twitter—everyone's "tweeting" these days, even some of my favorite dead authors! That's right—Harry Stephen Keeler has a Twitter feed! The material is taken from his "Keyhole" newsletters (and maybe some of his correspondence?), which he sent out to friends beginning in the ’60s (I think), after his books stopped coming out in the U.S.

Here's a sample:
Would Duttons [his U.S. publisher] find objection if I shortened my name on future books to either Stephen Keeler, Harry Keeler - or even Keeler Keeler?

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