Sunday, October 04, 2009

Forgetting the frame

The Guardian's Alison Flood reads (and likes) The Worm Ouroboros. (Via Jenny)

There are many odd things about The Worm, not least the beginning, which sees a man, Lessingham, fall asleep and dream – or is it a dream? – that he has travelled to the plane Mercury (which is very Earth-like). He arrives in the court of the Demons, observes for a while – and then is never heard of again. Either Eddison became bored with him, or forgot about him (poor Lessingham though – how'll he ever get home?).

Here was my take, on Astral Weeks, a while back. (Verdict: good stuff!) Excerpt:

In a brilliant miniature, an Imp tells some shipwrecked Demons how he has observed three great warriors locked in a static plan of vengeance -- the first in pursuit of the second, the second hot to kill the third, the third chasing after the first. They have been like this for nine years.

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