Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hatful of Hollow

Bill Poundstone dropped me a line this morning:

Speaking of "Land of the Lost" trend pieces… Last night I had a brilliant/stupid dream concerning a novel you were writing about cavemen(!) Then this morning, I looked on your blog, and you mention the glut of troglodyte movies. How's that for a Keeler coincidence?

* * *

[Here's the dream. And make sure you check out Bill's Dream Blog!]

July 1, 2009
Ed was telling me about his new fantasy novel of the Hollow Earth, populated by a picaresque group of bikers, gangbangers, and (near the poles) cavemen. My suggestion was that the Hollow Earthers should send some of their scientists up here and conclude we're a bunch of lowlife degenerates. It should all be symmetrical.

* * *

Tonight at 6:30, Korea Society: Me + Janice Y.K. Lee + Sung J. Woo = What is Korean American literature?

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