Monday, January 19, 2009

"Watch out!"

At Five Chapters today, you can read the first part of Caitlin Macy's short story "Eden's Gate," part of her forthcoming collection Spoiled. (Woah, I just tested that Amazon link and saw my blurb!) Caitlin's debut novel, The Fundamentals of Play (2000-ish), is a favorite of mine—one of those books I recommend when someone's about to go on vacation and needs something to's a total page turner...

This might be a good time to say "Watch out!" for these books in the next few months (I read 'em all pretty recently):

February: John Haskell's Out of My Skin — wow. Kind of a perfect novel. Cool and unsettling.
March: The aforementioned Caitlin Macy's Spoiled — includes "Christie," the "argument starter" mentioned in my blurb, plus other excellent stories (and argument starters). Ruthless! But also funny! (Some additions to the Invisible Library, too.)
April: Hannah Berry's Britten and Brülightly (though now I see it's been moved to March) — totally satisfying graphic novel — I'll write more about it later.
May: PERSONAL DAYS UK PAPERBACK!!!!!!! oh shut up

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Blogger Sarah Weinman said...

BRITTEN AND BRULIGHTLY totally rocked my socks off. Right now, it's scoring a hell of a lot higher than the crime fiction I'm reading (though there have been some good prose-only titles, too; it's just Hannah Berry's amazing and transgressive.)

9:36 AM  

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