Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Winsor legacy

Lately I've become interested in guidelines—mostly writers helpfully pontificating on how to write. Dzyd Brent sends something a little different, via Vanity Fair: How to create the Thomas Kinkade "look":

6) Hidden details whenever possible, References to my children (from youngest to oldest as follows): Evie, Winsor, Chandler and Merritt. References to my anniversary date, the number 52, the number 82, and the number 5282 (for fun, notice how many times this appears in my major published works). Hidden N's throughout -- preferably thirty N's, commemorating one N for each year since the events happened.



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Acá está el post que se merecía Sticky Fingers. Si tenés ganas podés pegarte una vuelta a leer y/o comentar algo.

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