Sunday, September 28, 2008

Minimal Table-Talk

If I had a clone and a time machine...
I would send Ed1 back to Saturay to attend the New School's Lolita conference, take a "disco nap," and then go to this FSG Lit Crawl event, which featured multigenre wizard/Psychic Envelope Sarah Mangoozles, my reading twin Rivka Galchen, ex-Buffalonian John Wray, and Wells Tower—a towering talent!

But there is no clone, and there is no time machine...

This Song Is Great
It just popped up on the iPod on Friday and I didn't know what it was (I have a shuffle) and I rewound (?) it about five times...

(I'm not sure about the video...)

Listen for Duran Duran cleverness at 1:25.

Parenthesis of the Day
A group of three "Islamic extremists" put a firebomb in the North London home of Gibson Square publisher Martin Rynja late Saturday night, and were promptly arrested by Scotland Yard in "a preplanned intelligence-led operation," according to a police spokesperson. (The company's offices are in the same building.) —Publisher's Lunch

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