Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Table-Talk of Parkus Grammaticus for August 19, 2008

I. Levi on the brutal charms of Richard Stark.

II. Not quite sure how I got here, but...has anyone read Broch's The Sleepwalkers? (I seem to remember that it was a touchstone for William Rubel, the Stone Soup editor who published Crippled Detectives, or maybe just Broch in general.)

III. Personal Days is reviewed at my hometown paper, The Buffalo News, where much is made of Queen City underdoggism and a former classmate.

IV. Talked yesterday with D.T.M. Hua up at Columbia; he said, "There goes Chuck Bass," and I chuckled, thinking he meant a student dressed à la the dark prince of Gossip Girl. But no—it was Chuck Bass, or rather the actor playing him!

More here; apparently, on the show, Columbia is a stand in for...Yale. (I wonder if/hope there's fanfic in which Blair and Rory from Gilmore Girls are classmates...)

V. When I got back home, Linksmeister General Thos. informed me that GG was filming in his neighborhood...

VI. Thought: E-mailing about Gossip Girl sightings is like the titular character e-mailing about Serena/Blair sightings.

VII. On vacation, so light/no posting here for a while! (Though some random posts will crop up...I've adjusted them to appear in the future...so...it'll be like I'm still here, posting!)



Blogger Jordan said...

I read a ton of Broch after a regrettable binge on Milan Kundera's essays. (Ah the first Gulf War.) While I don't regret spending the time, I'd probably reread Musil before trying Broch again.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

I liked The Sleepwalkers immensely when I read it (The Guiltless is also nice), though I soured slightly on Broch after reading his nonfiction and The Unknown Quantity, which I disliked. I haven't read The Death of Virgil except to dip into it - there are some beautiful passages in there. I might also re-read Musil before Broch, but I did find a lot to like in The Sleepwalkers.

3:42 PM  

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