Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Scott writes: "In light of that Rush ouroboros drumkit you posted the other day,
here's the ouroboros-ish cover of a Rush bootleg CD that I actually illustrated the cover for back in 1996, as part of a slightly shady association I had with a dude who ran a bootleg label. OK, it's not really an ouroboros, but it's kind of close! Maybe sort of part ouroboros, part caduceus?"

* * *

More Canadiana—an interview with Guy Maddin in the Boston Phoenix, about his latest film, My Winnipeg:

So it’s your basic Michael Moore movie.
It may be looked at that way. I wanted to make it like a film equivalent to a W.G. Sebald book, where he sets out on a stroll and ends up digressing and winds up in a really interesting place. It doesn’t matter whether Sebald really went on the stroll or not, he’s managed to cobble together a wonderful trip, and you realize the landscape that he covered with his feet doesn’t matter as much as the landscape of his heart.

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