Wednesday, July 30, 2008


"Track 1b" of Dzyd B. Kite's Rivette opus is now up at Order of the Exile. Sample tantalizing footnote:

Since cats are such notoriously intractable, "undirectable," animals, filmmakers who clear a space for them, such as Rivette here or Vigo in L'Atatlante, are adopting a very particular posture toward the world, one which inherently abjures complete control and welcomes contingency as a collaborator. In this light, the cat-killing in Tarr's Satantango becomes significant indeed.

And Levi tips us off to some great Gorey reproductions at Caustic Cover Critic.

Googling uncovers that McGregor was a sleeptalker; with his permission, his roommate began recording his nighttime monologues, some of which are listenable online (though NSFW).

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