Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why hello! This is not really a 'Table-Talk'!

Q: When will I stop posting photos of Personal Days?
A: As long as you keep sending them in—never!

PD has been spotted in Brooklyn's Book Court:

(Photo courtesy Sari Aviv)

* * *

Some nice new reviews are out in the L.A. Times, Bookforum, the Daily Mail (UK), the News & Observer (Raleigh/Durham), and the Dayton Daily News. From the first one:

The modern corporate office is to Ed Park's debut novel Personal Days what World War II was to Joseph Heller's Catch-22—a theater of absurdity and injustice so profound as to defy all reason....Personal Days proves that Park may be in line to fill the shoes left by Kurt Vonnegut and other satirists par excellence.
* * *

That ellipsis takes us from the first paragraph to the last!

* * *

Did I tell you I only recently "figured out" the title The Raw Shark Texts? (Has anyone read it? Should I read it?) I was just walking around, thinking of something else, when it hit me.

* * *

Dzyd Martin, who knows whereof he speaks, cites PD as an example of "Valet Lit." (Mild spoiler alert?) See here for his earlier finds: Kerouac, Salinger!

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Blogger Christine said...

I can't help thinking when I see the above photo that the shadow-wolf is hunting your cover's shadow-bird.

5:12 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Possibly intent on turning it into the viscera depicted on the Pahlaniuk....

10:48 PM  

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