Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm a huge Light Reading fan, but...lately I am wondering: could it be that Jenny's other blog, Triaspirational, is actually more entertaining? It's all about triathlon training—running, biking, swimming—and when it first materialized I didn't think it would be something I would be reading all that often. But—it is vigorously/hilariously written!

In the category of never too late to learn something incredibly obvious and foolish, I announce with relief that I now understand why my bathing cap is constantly slipping off my head, so that at least twice during each workout I have to stop and tug it back lower down on my head. It is not because I have a monstrously large head. (That said, I do have a fairly large head.) It is because bathing caps have an orientation, Coach Henning did a demonstration and showed me that really the Tyr logo has to go on the sides rather than front-back! He expressed remorse for not having thought of this before, since several times he has asked me whether I am having a problem with my bathing cap, but I really thought it was just a problem with the shape and size of my head! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!


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