Monday, January 21, 2008

Another must-read!

After checking out Ben's Frank Stanford story (and admiring the Ehrenreich-Stanford portrait stare-off), why not read—if you haven't already—Paul LaFarge's Dungeons & Dragons odyssey, "Destroy All Monsters"?

First published in September 2006, it's one of my favorite Believer pieces—is it too grand to claim that it's the best piece of writing on D&D?
If Wizards of the Coast can’t find a way to make Dungeons & Dragons compelling to children, then the day will come when D&D is the equivalent of bingo or shuffleboard, played by forgetful old men in retirement homes, community centers, and, yes, church basements. “I’m an elf of some sort,” one of the players will say. “Where did I put that character sheet?”

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