Thursday, November 01, 2007

Late-day post

New Believer is out—the incredible visual issue! Sheila Heti interviews Dave Hickey...Claudine Ko talks to Ai Weiwei...temporary tattoos...Paul Collins...Alexander Provan on Las Vegas carpetry and Dizzyhead Fhyll on Eileen Chang...the first review I've read of Alexander Theroux's massive new novel Laura more Dave Hickey...and more more more, it's really good!

And the new New-York Ghost is out—the incredible letters issue!

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Blogger Daniel said...

There was actually a review of Laura Warholic in Bookforum a couple issues back - last winter, maybe? Though evidently Theroux was still changing it this year, so I'm not sure exactly what that was reviewing - maybe he kept changing things after the galleys had been printed?

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