Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dizzies Newsfeeds for Tuesday, September 18

The Dizzies: Bringing kittens and owners together since 2004...Best name for a movie theater: The Co-Ed. Also at Dizzyhead L.'s blog, the long-awaited wrap-up to "David Lynch Weekend" and a look at Across the Universe: "The film’s crimes are almost too diverse to list."...Jenny D muses on the soul of a copy editor—while Crude Futures finds a typo in Copy Editor newsletter....Musicwise: Dizzyhead Hua is blogging again! And check out the Gene Clark downloads at Driftwood Singers Present: "Some sort of Jimmy Webb mini peyote blowout"...I guess I won't be seeing Dragon Wars!...Update: Vocabulary builder (Adam Bresnick in the TLS): “[Clive] James’s volume is an exercise in what the psychoanalysts call ‘anamnesia’, or unforgetting, his attempt to present and preserve what he has found most vital in the culture and history that he and the rest of us have, to a greater or lesser extent, lived through over the past decades”...

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