Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Alien art — JR/ML — Dear Diary

"This must be the longest verse anybody's ever written!"

Click to watch Team Dizzies Member Matt's fascinating interview with R. Kelly, on the genesis of Trapped in the Closet, a piece of musical/visual "alien" art.

"I definitely can't call it a song anymore—it's too long!"

* * *

Jumping off the previous post on Jonathan Richman (and Lefty's note): What are the best Jonathan Richman/Modern Lovers albums? My list looks something like this:

1. Rockin' and Romance
2. The Modern Lovers
3. Jonathan Sings
4. Modern Lovers 'Live' ("My Little Kookenhaken"!)
5. Modern Lovers 88

After being very immersed in Richmania, I stopped keeping up c. I, Jonathan (1992!). Are there good latter-day JR/ML albums I should know about?

* * *

Dear Diary:
The other day I listened to Marshall Crenshaw's first album and that same day, at the grocery store, I heard...a rebroadcast of an old Casey Kasem show (why would they be playing such a thing?) and right after "Eye of the Tiger" came "Someday, Some Way." [Insert boinggg sound.]

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Blogger T. Tauri said...

I actually have the person who occupied my room at Harvard to thank for my copy--cassette!--of Rockin' & Romance. Whoever it was had great or terrible taste, depending on why they left that shoebox trove there. Prince - Under The Cherry Moon! The The - Soul Mining! Something from Wire!

Always perplexed that R&R isn't on CD (a real proper one anyway).

Classic G

11:29 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Classic G: That person was actually from the future—planting that music to inspire you in the past!

11:56 PM  

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