Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I've been reading...

...the spine-tingling narrative of Levi's entry:

[Here's the syllabus: Little Girl Lost, by Richard Aleas; The Good Son, by Craig Nova; The Sacred and Profane Love Machine, by Iris Murdoch; The Pledge, by Friedrich Durrenmatt; The Chill, by Ross Macdonald; Boredom and Contempt by Alberto Moravia; The Thirty Years War, by C. V. Wedgwood; The Pistol, by James Jones; The Murder Room, by P. D. James; The Confession, by Domenic Stansberry; Can You Forgive Her?, by Anthony Trollope; The Trial, by Franz Kafka; Kiss Her Goodbye, by Allan Guthrie; The Executioner's Song, by Norman Mailer; and The Afterlife, by Penelope Fitzgerald]

But he shouldn't rest on his laurels—here comes Idalia, pioneering the use of SER (same-edition repetition) for her latest entry:

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Blogger Jenny Davidson said...

Those are great! I didn't even look at my huge collection of Hard Case Crime books as they are ensconced in evil precarious piles on the floor already & it seemed better not to stir things up over there, but what a good idea...

9:35 AM  
Blogger Adam Siegel said...

I wonder what Tacy had to say about it.

12:37 PM  

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