Friday, June 01, 2007

The Believer Music out!

Hats off to Dizzyhead Brandon for putting the excellent CD together—it includes toe-tappers from Yacht, Oxford Collapse, Page France, Deerhunter, I'm From Barcelona, Clogs, and can sample the startling Sufjan track here.

Among the readable treats in the issue: Joe Hagan's quest to Cleveland in search of Bill Fox, a superreclusive power-popster-turned-plangent-folkie (who also appears on the CD with a lovely song called "My Baby Crying")—this is truly a must read; an interview with the guy from Of Montreal (also on the CD) and the artist formerly known as Terence Trent D'Arby; Miranda July interviewing Khaela Maricich from The Blow (yes...also on the CD!); a bonbon in the shape of Dave Tompkins's ruminations on the vocoder; Mr. Paul Collins on "rock's rarest instrument," the Birotron; and more. Worth $10?! I'd say YES.

Buy it here!

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Also: the new Bookforum is out...pieces include Luc Sante on Simenon, a glimpse at Kurt Andersen's bookshelves, Michael Wood on DeLillo, my intern of yore Janine on Wayne Koestenbaum, my other intern of yore Carla on Anne Fadiman, Ben Strong on Richard Lange...You can also read my review of Matthew Sharpe's Jamestown.

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Blogger jennifer snow said...

the cd is "not found in the cddb database," but listening without looking at a tracklist is proving to be fun. fact: someone stopped by today to ask if he could purchase "10-20 copies" of the issue.

12:43 PM  

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