Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yay! Boo! But mostly yay.

British SF writer Steve Aylett mentions Harry Stephen Keeler in this Bookslut interview...but he takes the Otto Penzler line and calls him a "crappy" writer.

Uh, no, Steve: The crappy writer would be you, at least if we're talking about Lint. (Lint's ersatz comic book The Caterer is a weird treat, though.)

Now that we're in link mode:

Happy 100th birthday, Samuel Beckett. We raise a glass to your ghost.

The Voice's Education Supplement is out. Learn about the Christian college in the Empire State Building, a truly weird episode in the history of stuttering research, and more...I will share with you a late-breaking joke I e-mailed to Jessie Pascoe once her piece on drunk dialing was finished. After discussing some websites that put downloadable MP3s of soused folks' ramblings online, Jessie concludes: "Such complicated communication strategies didn't exist in our grandparents' day. There was no publishing of a drunken telegram in the city's newspaper."

But wouldn't it be funny if there was some long-lost gazette that did publish such missives? Dear Madame stop I harbor a pause that is to say a pause deep pause hankering for you stop wha stop wheresh my buggy stop

Sounds like something Paul Collins might dig up! Dizzyheads are invited to post their variations below...and encouraged to visit Married to the Sea, your one-stop site for hilariously repurposed period illos.

* * *

Over at Light Reading, Jenny muses on imaginary books and in particular Stanislaw Lem's A Perfect Vacuum.

* * *

A note in lieu of further links: If you don't subscribe to Manhattan User's Guide, definitely do. Even if you don't live in the city, it's worth it for the occasional "Hump Day" posts alone. (And it's free!) Yesterday's featured a raft of fascinating diversions, including an URL for the Museum of Temporary Art.


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