Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Game On

In this week's Voice, I have a brief review of Game 6, a new film based on a screenplay by Don DeLillo.

I highly recommend it to any DeLillo fan, and suspect that even those people unfamiliar with his novels might like it. (People who actively dislike DD, however, should probably stay away.) Baseball fans—especially Mets or Red Sox followers—should also check it out.

The dialogue works wonderfully well—somehow, reading DD on the page, I think: People don't really talk that way, even as I enjoy it. But a production of his play Valparaiso convinced me that his speech can work when spoken—deliriously elevated at times, but never stilted. If I can find my notes, I'll share some of Game 6's choice lines. For now, here's the way Nicky Rogan (Michael Keaton) greets a diner owner he hasn't seen in a while: “You’re so healthy, thick-bodied—I just want to punch you!”


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