Thursday, March 23, 2006

Breaking the Frames

While we still have comics on our mind, those of you who remember the "Spider-Man" episodes on the old Electric Company show should check out this delightful post from the blogger-interns over at Termite Art.

Someone should write an essay or a long, long book about the titles The Electric Company and Dynamite!—what a powerful era to be a kid.

* * *

Speaking (still) of comics, a sketch from a dream is up Chez Saturnhead. And speaking of Saturnhead, the fellow who first published the strip has just put up a hilarious virtual home for his new book...everything you need to know about the fictional "Stutts University."

And speaking of dreams (see first sentence, previous graf), isn't it time for your regularly scheduled visit to William Poundstone's Dream Blog?


Blogger Devin McKinney said...

Yeah, baby! Never thought of that. Plus, on Saturday morning they had a live-action version of the "Shazam!" comic hero. And out here in the East you had "Zoom!" too, right? Powerful, powerful era, thunderbolts left and right!

5:52 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

What was everyone so excited about? (Cue: AC/DC, "TNT.")

11:40 AM  

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