Monday, November 28, 2005

The Self Vs. The Other

The Dizzies generally does not post job listings, but a friend sent this to our attention. The odd part is that we recently had a dream, during one of our increasingly frequent couch slumbers, in which we viewed a brief animated film (directed, we thought, by our new favorite painter, Duncan Hannah) entitled The Self Vs. The Other. The Self was a thin humanoid, eyes mostly closed and vaguely sad-seeming; the Other was a blobbish figure, a sort of jovial monster, a bit like Grimace of McD's fame. There was no audio that we can remember.

The dream-title perhaps comes from the recent Noah Baumbach hit, The Squid and the Whale (has anyone noted the Aquatic co-helmer's nautical name?), more likely/directly from Orientalism, which we had (honestly!) been thumbing through earlier in the evening. Which is all to say that reading this posting made our postcolonial hair stand on end:


A film written and directed by: Suzanne Harvin and Shetal Shah

A 15 minute short comedy/satire that exposes the devastating effects
that European influence and colonialism have had on women and
various cultures across the globe via the mindsets of
four "infected" women of color in a restroom. Even after the Civil
Rights Movement, Feminist Movement and Black Revolution movement we
are still confronted with the same issue at hand: mental enslavement.

This mindset of "the other" as better than "the self" has been
manipulated over time yet cannot be eradicated through legislation.
Therefore, our gravest challenge still exists within our mind. And
much like a weed, Racism and Sexism (the cores of this colonial
mindset) in America ke ep growing and expanding despite the
consistent yanking that occurs within each new generation.

If you are interested in assisting in the production of this film
please email:

Presently we are seeking: Cast and Crew, Equipment and Location

1) Seeking Non-Union Actresses as follows:

A- FOUR women of color (African American, Latina, Asian, Indian) :
Age ranges-25-30 years old
African-American woman should have long hair or weave; Asian woman
should have blonde or light brown hair; Latin woman should be busty;
Indian woman should be small framed and should be able to speak in
Native Tongue. We are looking for women with dynamic personalities
and great acting range.

B - We also need a Traditional African woman age range: 40-late
50's; a Traditional Asian woman age range: late 40's – 50's; a
Traditional Indian woman age range: 40-50

C - FOUR young women of color age range: (7-11)

--Compensation: (Movie will be Seen in Festivals; food provided; the
satisfied feeling of contributing to a greater good.)

E-mail headshots and resumes to

2) Seeking CREW as follows:
Grip, Gaffer, Sound (can provide boom mic), Line Producer, Script
Supervisor, Make-up Artist (needs to be able to recreate scars),
Hair Stylist, Production Assistants,

3) Seeking Grip/Gaffing Equipment – especially lights

4) Seeking LOCATION as follows:
RESTROOM that is spacious enough to fit 4 people comfortably. With
mirrors and, ideally, an open area that could fit 2 people
comfortably. Could be in a club, lounge, restaurant, church, etc.
Should look clean and funky.

If you are interested in assisting in the production of this film
please email:

* * *

This sounds good, except that it appears to take place in a restroom.

* * *

New Ten Words Literary Supplement is out!


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