Thursday, May 19, 2011


Scott writes:

I just had a celebrity ouroboros sighting — Anthony Bourdain got an ouroboros tattoo in Malaysia on one of his No Reservations episodes a few years ago. It's on YouTube here.

He adds that for his specific ouroboros design, the tattoo artist is "incorporating Iban features into what might otherwise have been suspiciously hippie." (An ouroboros is considered suspiciously hippie?! Alas, he's probably right.)

Bourdain later appeared on the tattoo show Miami Ink (video here) to get a skull tattoo from tattooist Chris Garver. He shows the ouroboros tattoo and waggishly says for the camera that "it's supposedly about death and regeneration. It's a little too optimistic for me. I'm looking kinda for an antidote to that."

"Ouroboros Antidote" would be a good title for something. Or maybe the more literary-sounding "Antidote For An Ouroboros"…

Surely there must be some subconscious significance to Bourdain's choice of the ouroboros design, given that his career is based around both creating food and eating food, and that he decides to adorn his own flesh with a symbol involving an endlessly (self-) devouring mouth.

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