Thursday, April 01, 2010

Disambiguations™ for April 1, 2010

I. The mysterious-yet-friendly Twenty % Tippers, whose travails have appeared in Ye New-York Ghost, get some love from Pop Dose.

Eventually, I talked to Ken Sorkin, the band’s founder, impresario, and short-story writer. The Tippers were not some odd hoax put together by McSweeney’s interns, but rather a band that had played in bars in New York in the early 1990s. “I put the band together because I wanted to get these songs realized,” he says. “But I knew that no one would want to see a band that they’d never heard of, so we wanted to create a mailing list as soon as possible.” In those pre-Internet days, that meant putting up fliers around Manhattan and setting up a telephone hot line (646-335-3390). Those who signed up received notices about upcoming dates and one of Sorkin’s short stories telling of the fictional alternative life of the band and its members.

Visit the Tippers website for more...

II. I need one of these? So do you? The Inspiratron!

(At A Journey Round My Skull)

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