Wednesday, September 09, 2009

This week in Disambiguations™

I. Read about "the initial paper games bubble of the early 80s" at Grognardia.

II. Over the weekend I finished David Grann's "Trial by Fire" in The New Yorker. It Was Good. I was mildly distracted by the photo, showing an arm-tattooed Willingham reading what appears to be a Dragonlance novel... Just a few weeks ago, Levi had e-mailed me about Dragonlance! (Dragonlance is not mentioned in the piece.)

III. Jenny realizes the power of ASTRAL WEEKS! (Just kidding—it is mostly about how good Victor LaValle's Big Machine is.)


“Everybody was surprised,” Tuck said. “It happens — or, maybe it doesn’t happen — but, you know, it happened. You move on.” —NYT

(from Matthew)

His last column for The Daily Mail, “It’s English as She Is Spoke Innit?,” written in May, dealt with language education. He was the founder and life president of the Association for the Annihilation of the Aberrant Apostrophe, a fictional organization dedicated to combating false plurals like tomato’s and road signs like the one he spotted near Sevenoaks, with letters three feet high that read BUSE’S ONLY.

Listen up!

(Via Thos., WLLM = World's Laziest Links-meister)

VII. Pure Collins! Stubblemeister Paul wonders about those "Yes & Know" invisible ink entertainments...and what starts out as a stroll down Whimsical Lane merges with Relevance Highway!



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