Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday cogitatin'

Levi quotes Phillip Lopate on Sontag:

Sontag felt the big game was fiction. And that’s where you win the Nobel Prize. You don’t win it for writing essays. That’s understandable and that would’ve been great had she been a great fiction writer. Some people can do both, but she lacked a deep sympathy for other people—which is okay if you’re a critic because you don’t have to be that empathetic if you’re a critic, you just have to know what you think about something. And she lacked, for the most part, a sense of humor. It’s hard to be a great novelist without those two things.

...and it gets him thinking about Powell, friendship, humor, life, novels...and I agree!


(World's Laziest Blogger)

PS Here are some other recent Levi posts on Powell.

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