Thursday, March 05, 2009

Up in smoke — Rock books

"The Mystery League books were a short-lived series in the early 1930s: lurid thrillers created to be sold through cigar shops rather than bookshops...." —Caustic Cover Critic

Read more about "Gene," who designed the eye-catching covers for the ML books, as well as for one of our man Harry Stephen Keeler's novels...

(From Levi)

Also from Levi, for further research: Richard Sharpe Shaver:

During the 1960s and 1970s, now living in obscurity, Shaver searched for physical evidence of the bygone pre-historic races. He claimed to find it in certain rocks, which he believed were "rock books" that had been created by the great ancients and embedded with legible pictures and texts. For years he wrote about the rock books, photographed them, and made paintings of the images he found in them to demonstrate their historic importance. He even ran a "rock book" lending library through the mails, sending a slice of polished agate with a detailed description of what writings, drawings, and photographs were archived by Atlanteans inside the stone using special laser-like devices.

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The House of Sudden Sleep was my favorite cover from that site.


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