Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dizzies Press Release: WHFR's T.C. Boyle Festival of Live Stuff

If you're near a computer this Sunday, February 22nd, working hard, crapping around on the internet, writing a paper, pondering a scrabble move, please tune in to Washington Heights Free Radio's 2nd T. C. Boyle Festival of Live Stuff.

The first live fest in November was great. It was a day of live music, readings, comedy, and coffee-drinking, of sharing the secret labours of the extended family of WHFR with a wider audience, of making new musical and literary unions in the unveiling.

And here we are again. This 2nd fest is the first of WHFR's 5th birthday events.

Sunday, February 22, 2009 * 1–7-something p.m.
1:00 Hozan Shashwaz (electrosaz!)

1:30 Claire O'Connor ( (fiction by a Best New American Voice 2010 (live the future!))
2:00 The Paw the the Rabbit ( (a band!)
2:30 Fiction Circus ( (a fiction reading aptly described as a "circus")
3:00 Goat's Pupil / Dr. John Lee (an electronic collaboration)
3:30 Ashley Roberts (a reading: "The time you tried to show me your penis in the park")
4:00 Blurple ( (experimental folk)
4:30 Audience of Two ( (a comedy duo!)
5:00 Clutter ( (pots and pans and whirly things that make noise)
5:30 Sabaku ( (acousmatic, he says)
6:00 Sarah Dziedzic (a nonfiction reading with birds, Oklahoma)
6:30 Sabrina Chapadjiev ( (maybe with kazoo?)
7:00 T. C. Boylism w/ Shay and friends (TCB: not just the name of our festival.)

Tell your friends.
Streaming live at
Everything will eventually be archived on the WHFR site.
(PLUS: The new site will be live by Sunday!)

Next in the birthday series:
Tuesday, March 3rd: WHFR DJ night at the Ding Dong Lounge, 929 Columbus Ave. @ 106th Street

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