Thursday, November 29, 2007

Extract from my memoir

Wanted vaguely to go to this Sebald panel at the Mercantile, then of course forgot about it until now, but luckily Selfdivider was there.

Incidentally (oh man he's going to talk about Keeler again RUN FOR YOUR LIVES) joining the Mercantile helped immensely during my early induction into the world of Harry Stephen Keeler; they've got a wonderful collection of his work. I don't even know if I read all of them; at least a dozen, though. A recently unearthed datebook includes my noting of the Merc's hours! How many times did I stop by, before work, in order to return a Keeler due on that day, and sit and furiously read the last 20 or 30 pages before handing it over? Well, maybe twice.

UPDATE: As I suspected, I already blogged about my Mercantile/Keeler days! (Cue: Pixies, "Where Is My Mind?")

* * *

A new New-York Ghost is out.

* * *

UPDATE: Dizzyhead Hua returns to the fold—watch this space for his live-blogging of the next episode of Gossip Girl!

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