Friday, August 10, 2007

Pass the mic

Dizzyhead Dennis interviews William Gibson over at Salon. It's the second DL/WG interview (the first was a snippet at the PTSNBN) and it's terrific. An appetizer:

You recently did a reading in the virtual world of Second Life, where you are a kind of patron saint. I got shut out—I didn't realize capacity would be an issue—but I caught up with it afterward on YouTube. Did the event turn out as you'd expected?

Apparently there's always finite space in Second Life. I was actually in a room at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver with a live audience so I wasn't paying much attention to the Second Life aspect, which is probably a good thing in terms of my performance. I had a laptop open so I could see it as if I was watching from within Second Life. What I saw I found a bit distracting—people levitating and sitting on top of the microphone.

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