Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rage in a cage — Lucid writing — "That's very Singerian!"

Ask the photograph. It says science. It says spoon. It says you will not remember how black the sky was over the parking lot when you held her wrist as if it were sand. You can't "capture" a moment. All that light. A cage.

—From Sampson Starkweather's "The Photograph," in Octopus Magazine

* * *

An interview with the great Christian Bök (via Harriet):

Crystallography (my first book of poetry) attempts to put into practice some of my theoretical suppositions about 'pataphysics. Inspired by the etymology of the word "crystallography," such a work represents an act of "lucid writing," which uses the lexicon of geological science to misread the poetics of rhetorical figures.

* * *

Team Dizzies member Matt has posted the second half of his interview with David Wain, Paul Rudd, and Ken Marino. HILARIOUS!

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