Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Double play, or, The Complete Guide to Andy Selsberg Coverage

Now the other piece by Citizen Truth gets some play, over at the WSJ's The Informed Reader blog:

Works such as “The Yuppie Handbook” (1984), “The Official Slacker Handbook” (1994) and “The Hipster Handbook” (2002) derive their laughs from people’s discomfort with the existence of a class system in the U.S., journalist Andy Selsberg writes in arts-and-culture magazine The Believer.

(Yesterday, we noted that the NYT blog had picked up on the new issue of The Believer, which includes this piece; Paper Cuts also raved about the latest Oxford particular, a piece by Andy on eating like a man.)

* * *

Over at Restricted View:

Seen on the street yesterday: a snake! Seriously! I did not move to New York City to nearly step on a snake! Especially while wearing sandals! But there it was! A smallish, presumably harmless snake, but nevertheless a snake, slithering across my path! On Broadway! I am still freaking out!

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